Lies in Truths

Back again.
Feeling refreshed. This night I have a lot in mind. First of all sorry to some people for not mentioning them in my previous posts.
I would mention some of them here as ID, MM, RG, SA and somewhat AD. They happen to be my best friends and I have always preferred them over many other. I have a imaginary girlfriend who I mention in every post as I.
Hola I,
So here we are again in another of my letter. You know people are fool or they pretend to be, I don’t know about it but some are very good in pretending it that I have been fooled like twice. You know love is a two way thing, must stand on both side or the bar will be unbalanced. No one is saying this but me, experienced twice. Once for me, once from me. You must be knowing about the law of love: Love is directly proportional to the number of smiles and inversely proportional to lies. Lies happen to hold a very important role in my life. People lie, doesn’t matter but important people lie, matters a lot. Life has become a way between lies and truth. You never happen to reach the either side completely. Most people happen to be in the latter side mostly. So lot said today. Might meet next week. BTW Remember its my birthday next week, 30th March so don’t forget the gift.
Good Bye. 🙂

The Love Vengeance

Welcome to the official blog of Vibhour Upadhyay. Today you can experience something different so keep yourself ready for a surprise. This post is from my fan-girl and I loved this so much that you can’t resist reading it twice. I won’t disclose the name but you can call her The Author-Fan-Girl.

A fortnight ago I opened the “unexpected experience jar” I have. It is a pretty glass jar with tiny scrolls of colorful sheets – neatly tied with bows. Sometimes I wish my life was as neat as these bows but, nah – it’s an absolute mess. The colorful sheets are inked black with some of the most unexpected incidences I’ve ever experienced.
Hi people !
This might be little unexpected by you all but, this post has not come from the head of your beloved Vibhour. It’s just from some another random person of his life.
Unexpected experiences are beautiful right? Sudden encounter with your pen-friend, or being in a room filled with drunk people and the most special person of your life hugs you. I’ve lived in this misconception as well and that too for a very, very long time. This gloomy and fantasising image was distorted when I realised that unexpected experiences can be a slap across your face as well. Life is full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises. But, in between all this lies the reality. Not everybody is going to stay. Not everybody will love you back. And pain, it is inevitable. All of us are just one incident away from realising this.
Life is magic but, do not get disillusioned as you are in the process of enjoying it.
When nothing is certain, anything is possible. Be crazy, disorganized and unpredictable and embrace the unexpected experiences as they come.
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The Life Decay Algorithm

Hey Pal,
So been a long time now. I thought there is nothing so important to share with you guys, but again I am here on my another expedition of the emotional cycle. Recently as people moved away from me or my life, I felt a little happier or say much happier than before because less bull-shit and more of work now. So let’s take you to the major part of today’s post.
Hi S,
How are you? Its been a very long time since we last met(May 6) but I hope you forgive me. Ever thought what is a harassement? Recently I read an article in a newspaper with wide-readership about it. It was really emotional. One point caught my eye, “Making somebody else handle you”. Matters? Yes. Very much. There is a thing which you are made to learn in management that you are not a TV, so you got no remote which gives someone else access to you and your mind. Then why you let someone else choose your friends, your lifestyle, your life? Everyone needs to be remote-proof. You got someone who cares for you, but that doesn’t makes them to handle your life. The remote of you is only in hands of family and that too the important one. Everybody is trying to imply wrong decisions upon your body, your soul and your mind, so keep it in a straight way and ignore them.
Ever been to Railway Mueseum, New Delhi? There is a quote on the entry: “What you do will be criticised, What you do will be hated, What you do will be tried to crushed, But all you have to do is ignore them.”
What if somebody else tries to gain access to you without authorization? Forget them, ignore them, f*** them. That’s the best way possible.
And another thing, never share your mind with someone else. A single move correctly anticipated by another person and you are long-gone.
So I guess that’s the end of today’s meeting.
P.S. Might not meet for a long time because its hectic to manage both, life and emotions.

SORRY Readers for making you wait this long, but emotions are not a momentary, they stay more than you could imagine them being with. 

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Classified Feelings Turbulence

Hey Pals,
Long time, huh! Well pretty busy month, I got a new friend. But been a pretty great month, though. I could remember just a few incidents of April which were quite well and my fire chase tops the list. Old relationship is going in a pretty great direction. Last week I ended thinking of her. What if she was real? What if we could be cuddling right now? How she would be looking? So all I wanted to say today will be followed in my letter. One more thing, if you could please tell about this to other people too.
Salve S,
Been a great month? I know you must be hating me because I haven’t met you the whole month long. Well a matter of fact is this is the time for celebration. My blog got 17000 hits since its starting. All thanks to you and readers.
I wanted to say some things to you, which in this case are the most important things I am really going through. Someone could be your preference too, no matter how bad they treat you, you will treat them in a fine way. There is something call self-respect, which should be maintained in the level and through the whole of lot decreasing graph of it, presently guys have none. I would like to mention that no matter how much you love someone, if they don’t love you back, all in vain.
So much of a serious talk, here comes the pun: “I wasn’t originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind.”
Haha! I know its not that funny, but something came on your face, SMILE. You got the least expensive way of being sexy, SMILE. Never fake it, never make it, it must be always from heart.
I assume to take off now, so let’s meet next week.
Dein Freund,
P.S. Meet me after class. Can’t wait cuddling you.
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The Love Paradigm

Haha! Welcome Welcome to the official website of Vibhour. Aha! So today’s winner for the best person goes to…. Wait a minute, what’s happening here? Was I lost again? Forget about it. Today I will be your host for the Knowing Secret Contest. You know its been in mind since a lot of time, mentioned again a lot of time that what would happen if I knew the secret of you. Yes I know. I perfectly know that who you are, who you can be and what you desire, just a little confusion, do you have in mind my murder plot right now or you will be googling about how to kill a person who is funny and can’t be treated of madness. Yes! I am that person. So lets come back to topic. I broke up with I last friday. It was a sad experience you know sometimes when you love someone but they are not available on time to cure your heart, but I found another girlfriend, S or you may call her SS. I prefer calling S only as it is a lot shorter than SS(50% is a lot).
Aloha S,
Not a few days we have been in relationship but I want to tell you this since March starting. I love you and it might happen will do till the end of this post. Ever had those suicidal feelings or that thing in your mind that you might now be happy again. Well I had one on Thursday and still going through it. But well you know I am not that kinda loser, I might be one but I am not because you are a loser when you lose something which was yours and I know I haven’t still never gained that kinda thing which I might lose. Ever you had that need for the cuddle which can cure many diseases as shown in the “Munna Bhai MBBS” movie. Well I need that right now as a lot happened last week. My school started and the worse thing ever happened was I was back in the game. I hate watching people and I hate the most is observing people, more people and then they happens to be my classmate. Ever wished that everyone who you hate die? Well if it happens then don’t think of the people you love have to die. Got one experience and not in the need of another.
Well this had been a very sad post but it happens as per my mood. Shall meet soon. xoxo
Your humpty dumpty
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The Amazing Thing

I had some best things to be happen in the last few weeks. I know it has to be sad things since after something but it were enough to pull me up to my original level. I went to an Art of Living thing. It was the best experience I ever had. you know sometimes you cannot acieve the state of mind normally but if you learn the proper way, something happens in your mind. I loved it. I met some of the wonderful people there, our mentor topping the list. She was really the best person one could have ever met. My fellows following the list. Today I won’t be writing any letter to my imaginary girlfriend. It has to be some fun, yeah? I have been reading a book called Ready Steady Go.! Smart ways to learn. Its pretty amazing in reading a student’s mind. I am presently having butterflies in the stomach of pre-birthday wishes. I wished this year to be sexy as it is always and something this times made entry in the list of wishes: ME. I tried much to know me the whole year but now this time I will be trying other people to know me. I want the inner thing to come out. By the way, love should be the topic as it is the thing this blog is based upon. But nahh, its just not so easy to remember that. In my family, expelled by birth canal is not supposed to an achievement so this day has no right to be celebrated. I just always wished myself to be pretty more careless about things, more open to worldly secrets and all I found by Art of Living. This is not kind of advertisement but it is a real experience. I suppose I could do much things regarding this but you know the whole damn busy schedule. Lets take break now. More things to be said next time. See ya xoxo 🙂
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The Love Settlement

Some people say world is the only best place to live at once. I don’t think so, as people must visit another place before saying so. Last week I heard some unnatural things which were supposed to be like normal but it wasn’t. It was about me. “Vibhour, you are such a decent boy, you never even flirt with anyone.”  This was one of my best friend who is used to call me Jaan. In Hindi it does mean something related to life. I was like in SHOCK. The king of flirt is called a decent person and said that he never flirts. I told those things to one of my friend and then she bought me back in this world. Well let’s start the topic, ME.

Bonjour I,
How are you feeling? I hope much better than me. Today I had a severe hangover of my last night’s ritual. Yeah you understood it right, ME. I was in love, love hangover. I don’t know with whom but I was in love. Let’s make you comfortable with the rituals first, when I am in love, I never show it directly but slowly as a great person said “Love is alcohol, a slow alcohol which is great when being drunk slowly.” I am not an alcoholic but I am a Lovoholic. I know it’s too much o’s. By the way I had some unnatural moments last week, first I saw the love of my life and she was looking so sexy that even you can’t imagine. It was not like seeing her face to face but it was a picture of her in my phone. LOL, my phone did an underwater dive which was more than sufficient for me to ruin the whole week. This week I have my birthday and I invite you to my party.
I am still wondering what I would have been if it wasn’t you.
Love ya’

P.S. Meet me soon I can’t wait cuddling you.

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